Atmos Digital Studios

Atmos Digital Studios is a Manila-based digital and creative agency, composed of dynamic individuals who are committed to providing work that embodies the potency of data and the spirit of creativity.

As a progressive workforce in the digital atmosphere, the company is passionate to create imaginative and data-driven solutions for brands, enabling them to build effective and meaningful connections with their audience.

Breathing the philosophy: “Live in the Digisphere,” ATMOS exists to elevate.


To position our clients as brands that create effective and meaningful connections to their audiences through digital marketing solutions crafted using the Atmos treatment: with the potency of data and the spirit of creativity.

Effective and Meaningful Connections

We’re only interested in what works with and what elevates our clients and their audiences as backed by our audits and research.

The Potency of Data

Data will always provide us with facts about our performances online. We won’t be shy about telling you the truth about what’s working and what needs to be dropped.

The Spirit of Creativity

We also rely on the spirit of creativity to provide us what is not just on-brand with our clients but also what will make our work alive, human, and non-robotic.


atmos digital sTUDIOS

The agency name was heavily inspired by the word Atmosphere–meaning a layer or layers of gas enveloping a material body, held in place by the said body’s gravity.

While atmospheres differ from one celestial body to another, it is what it does and means to this planet’s inhabitants that inspired us to take up the word and become a digital marketing agency.

It’s everywhere. It helps us stay alive and grow. We aim to be that: to be found anywhere so we can help businesses and brands stay alive and grow. We will always aim to supply protection, life, shelter, and all that scientific stuff, like the Earth’s atmosphere.

The existence of an atmosphere greatly contributes to the ability of a certain body to sustain life. This is how we want Atmos to be. We want to sustain and cultivate the ideas of our team members and breathe life into it. We want our team and their ideas to blossom and bear fruit.